Types of pipes available in TokePlanet

Types of pipes available in TokePlanet

TokePlanet is a type of online website which is also referred to as a head shop. They are a shop or retail stores selling various equipment or materials used to consume cannabis products or marijuana and tobacco products. The website is made only for the citizens of America, but the products can be shipped to different parts of the world along with some shipment charges for different parts. This article will discuss the different cannabis and tobacco smoking pipes from TokePlanet available on their official website. Above all, there are nothing known facts about this website, like when it was launched or who the owner is. It’s all about the equipment that is sold on this website.

The different products sold by TokePlanet-

  • Glass pipes
  • Grinder
  • Bongs
  • Dab rigs
  • Vaporizer
  • Water pipes
  • Rolling papers
  • Hand pipes

How the glass pipes are manufactured-

  • The glass pipes are made through the use of traditional glass-blowing techniques.
  • The glass blower applies heat to expand the glass into a cylinder tube.
  • The glass blower adds heat to a glass tube to form it into a shape.
  • The glass blower spins and stretches the glass to form the central neck of the pipes per the desired length.
  • Now it’s time for the bowl. Apply the blow torch to the cold end of the pipe to create a bowl in the hot end. Now the artist turns and spins it to create an even desired shape.
  • Once the shape is formed, the bowl is gently pressed from below to flatten it.
  • The tube forms single weed pipes through one of the ends, or the tubes can be broken into small pieces to make two small weed pipes.

Different types of pipes available on the website are-

  • American-made glass pipes- craftsmen in America ultimately make this product. The products are- a medium pipe mug which costs around $31.18, available in black and Rasta color; cannabis leaf pipe mug, which costs $ 32.48. Its specialty is that there is a logo of a cannabis leaf on it.
  • Colored glass pipes are made up of borosilicate glass, a 100% heatproof material. These glass tubes are suction. The product is available in sizes ranging from pocket-sized to extra-large and in various colors and designs. The shape of it is classic and contains a hole in the carburetor. This product price ranges from- $8.40 to $50.

To conclude, the pipes mentioned above are the types of handheld in varied colors and designs available on the website.