Online car insurance: the advantages, the fears, the contractual procedure to follow

Online car insurance: the advantages, the fears, the contractual procedure to follow

What are online car insurance? How are they stipulated? What are the most common fears about it? What are the advantages? How to insure a vintage car online? In short, everything you need to know about online car insurance, explained in a summary, effective and detailed guide.

The advent of the internet has completely changed everyone’s life, as with a few clicks and simple steps you can get all the information you want. The world of insurance has also entered the web, offering itself faster, cheaper and more alternative Motor Insurance in Thailand.

Who hasn’t heard of online auto insurance ? Surely, by now, they have returned to our everyday language, but few know their peculiarities, advantages, risks, as well as the common fears that most assail Italians, before signing an online insurance contract.


The online car insurance is a method that allows customers to buy insurance for their motor vehicle from the comfort of their home, with a halved price and a shorter time frame . This service is provided by companies in the sector, which have invested on the web, for the sale of their insurance products, in such a way as to reduce brokerage and distribution costs and make policies more competitive on the market .

The purchase of insurance online, therefore, is part of the transactions carried out through e-commerce, therefore it is regulated with specific laws for the virtual market .

Consequently, thanks to this precise regulation, on-line policies are defined to all intents and purposes as safe transactions ; clearly it is essential to rely on well-known companies, known banking or financial institutions or which rely on the latter.

With the abolition of tacit renewal , all insurances are not extended at the end of their validity, therefore, even for the renewal of online policies it is essential that the customer concerned pay the insurance premium or possibly carry out the extension procedure online or on the telephone.

Before signing an insurance contract, it is important to carefully compare all the quotes offered by online insurance companies, in order to choose the one that best suits your needs. Sometimes, the use of online insurance comparators is an effective method for comparing multiple quotes at the same time.