Eyelash extensions or eyelash extensions are an increasingly important issue for many women. Everyone want an alert and fresh look right after getting up. Mascara is often used to make the thin and short eyelashes look fuller and darker. The eternal make-up can be quite time-consuming and therefore annoying in the long run. Therefore, more and more women prefer permanent eyelash extensions. These are mink or silk eyelashes that are individually glued onto your own eyelashes. This method guarantees every woman a more alert look as well as long, dark and curved eyelashes.

 First of all: If you want to have your eyelashes extended, it is important that you visit a cosmeticstudio who have eyelash certification. Because only in this way can you be guaranteed a beautiful and natural result.

The so-called new model layer”, in which up to 100 fine hairs are individually applied to your own eyelashes, takes about 1.5 hours. First, your lower lashes are masked with a pad and the upper lash line is degreased. This is particularly important so that the special eyelash glue holds. In the next step, the beautician will decide together with you which length, color and shape is best for your eyes. After the treatment, water and moisture are taboo for 48 hours, as the eyelash glue needs time to harden properly. After that, however, you can easily exercise and go to the sauna or swimming.

In general, you should only use oil-free care products and avoid mascara. In addition, rubbing your eyes or eyelashes can ensure that the eyelash extensions fall out faster and also pull out your own eyelashes. If you keep this in mind, you will keep a nice lash curl for 3 to 5 weeks.

The price of an eyelash extension varies greatly from one cosmetic studio to another. The filling of the mink or silk eyelashes is a bit cheaper as you don’t have to use as many eyelashes here.

If you don’t want to have your eyelash extensions filled in, you shouldn’t try to remove them yourself! You could pull out your own eyelashes with you. Better to make an appointment with your beautician. A special adhesive remover is used to remove the eyelashes. Alternatively, you can also let the eyelashes fall out with your natural eyelashes. After about 8 weeks, the eyelashes should have completely renewed and all extensions should have failed.