Contributing to charity without donating money

Contributing to charity without donating money

If you don’t have the resources to run a charity foundation like bashir dawood, don’t worry. You can still contribute to charity in your little way.

Listed below are a few such incredible ways. Have a look. 

1 Shout Out Loud On Social Media Platforms 

Share a Facebook wall post to increase knowledge for a cause that you believe in. It is an accessible and simple way to aid a charity all around the year.

2 Organize a fancy dress competition or a dress down event 

Orchestrate a dress-down event, or a fancy dress theme day, at your job and motivate your colleagues to get included.

3 Arrange a raffle to raise money for charity 

When you have biscuits or chocolates superfluous from a celebration, raffle them and also other shunned goodies for the sake of charity. You could merge your money and agree on who to contribute to.

4 Organise a Secret Santa charity shop 

Instead of purchasing your yearly Secret Santa gift from a posh shop, decide to purchase the gifts from a philanthropy store. The causes that you believe in will profit.

5 Motivate your employer to create a charity alliance

When your employer has not yet collaborated with a charitable institute, talk to your HR collaborators about getting this done.

6 Help national giving events

If you are a charity, an individual, or a company, there are plentiful means to get encompassed in national occasions all through the year.

7 Donate minimal money 

Offer a gift that can make a difference by contributing to your preferable cause by paying very little from your credit card.

8 Enroll for payroll offering

When your employer proposes a payroll giving policy, you can donate as you receive, you could also contribute from the pre-tax wages and help from the entire income tax relaxation.

9 Think international on International Human Solidarity Day 

In December every year, the United Nations General Assembly motivates nations across the world to understand the significance of human solidarity. You can also contribute to an overseas charitable foundation or just spread a word about it among your family, friends, peers, neighbors, etc., for them to do the same.

10 Throw a party in the office for charitable purposes 

Throw a party at the office and motivate everybody to donate. You can send around a contribution container to accumulate donations for the cause and motivate your employer to conform to your contributions.