Tips to improve your travel photography skills

Tips to improve your travel photography skills

Travel photography is becoming very popular. Anyone can take photos today but we are describing you how to improve your travel photographs.Visit this site to read articles on Photography.

Whatever your camera, know it thoroughly!

It doesn’t matter if you have a mobile phone or an SLR that you don’t know how to use. Research and learn! If there is something, I have learned is that the less time you need to configure your device, the faster you will be when it comes to capturing those great images that you pursue.Click here to read articles on Photography.

The best help I have received to understand the functions and buttons of my camera has been the help of tutorials on YouTube. You will be surprised to check the amount of free help you can find on the net if you spend some time looking for it.

Early morning

Assume it. The “trial and error” strategy is a decisive part in Photography.

I could not tell you how many times I have returned to the hotel after many early rises without a single decent photo. However, when I am able to catch an impressive sunrise, I realize that having set the alarm at 5:30 was worth it. And now you will tell me “Are you crazy? Getting up early on vacation? Well yes, the one who wants something, something costs him. When you feel that enormous satisfaction that I am talking about, you will understand that you have not only enjoyed taking photos, but that you have also seen amazing things.

Take different photos

We’ve all seen again and again the same boring photos of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Colosseum in Rome. Be creative! I always ask myself the same question “Can anyone take this picture?” Keep in mind what elements are in your composition: light, people, objects that distract the view, anything that breaks the magic of the moment you are trying to capture.

A very simple trick that I like to play with is reflexes. Whether in a shop window or in a puddle, try to photograph interesting places with all those tools at your disposal that you would normally overlook.

travel photography skills

Look at things that seem ordinary

Think about your last trip. What is your best memory? The facade of a famous building? Sweets fresh out of the oven in a shop window? The people you were watching while sitting in a cafe? The street markets? The smell of roasted chestnuts?

The next time you travel, go beyond the “postcard photos” and create images that are unique, that have meaning for you. The detail of a street stall, a bollard on the sidewalk or a simple bench in the park offers a different perspective to a collection of urban landscapes and nature.

Get lost

This is something I do not only when I’m traveling but also in the city where I live. I like to discover new streets and hidden corners. Get lost, ask the locals (even if you have to overcome the language barrier) and, above all, have fun. You have a limited time in that fantastic destination where you are.

Tell a story with your photos

Try to change your style and your point of view, do not settle for the same type of photos. If you use a social network to tell what you do while traveling, try to incorporate different types of elements. Portraits, landscapes and food photos, for example, add depth to your narrative line and help you practice in each discipline. Focus on the most curious details of each of them and open yourself to constructive criticism.